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Friday, 4 January 2013

Longchamps Pilage Bag

One of the great advantages of living in London is getting inspiration from people’s style. My style has definitely changed since I moved here and daily I get inspiration from all the people I see everyday on my journey to and from work. 

Recently, I have noticed that nearly EVERY woman, young and old on my tube journey has this bag that I never heard about. I soon did my research and found out that it is the Longchamps Pilage bag. It is a very popular bag, and comes in various sizes and styles.It has been worn by royalty such as Kate Middleton and celebrities like Katie Holmes and Rachel McAdams to name a few.

This bag is practical and stylish. Its folds up to a wallet size so I find it very handy to put it in my hand luggage when I am flying home to Ireland. Another reason I like this bag is that it has so much room. Its ideal for work, loads of room for heels, make up and all your essentials. It definitely comes in handy on Friday after work, you can throw in a change of clothes, heels, make up etc.  It is also a great bag to throw in your gym gear if your going before or after work and also a great weekender bag for trips away. It's really functional and stylish AND its waterproof, a must if your living in Ireland and the UK.

I was a little shocked with the price of the bag-£72 (Selfridges/Harrods) for the large shopper bag. So as I do, I researched options to get the bag for a better price and looked at maybe buying a duplicate. So I looked on iOffer and discovered that they sell replicas. These are obviously not as good quality and for that reason are a lot cheaper. The advantage is that you can buy various colours for little or nothing.

For those of you who don’t know what iOffer is- it is an online trading website where different wholesalers offer replicates of items from shoes, to bags, to dresses etc. You put a bid on an item and can bargain with the seller. The products take up to 14 days or more to deliver. On this website you can get two of the bags for £20 or less. I know they might not be great quality but if it rips you could always get a new one for a £10!!!

I was lucky to get it from my family for Christmas. I got the black colour as I wear a lot of black in winter, I also like the burgundy as that is a big colour this winter. Navy is probably the most popular and be perfect for the Spring/Summer. But I know I will want more colours and I will be getting my replicas from here.